2005-2006, Television Series on TNT
Gary Cole as Conrad Rose
Gary heads up a secret task force charged with ridding Los Angeles of its top 100 criminals--even if they have to use unorthodox methods to do it! Both his conscience and his estranged wife cause problems to our unorthodox hero.
Also starring: Rashida Jones, Ryan Hurst, Benjamín Benítez, Josey Scott

Critics' Comments

"Gary Cole is always worth watching - an actor of restrained craft and no phony baloney. Cole, moving always at a precise clip with a ramrod bearing has the spine to keep it all together. He's at his best in the personal scenes trying to make sense of his still flirting relationship with his wife or improve the spotty companionship he provides to his son, he doesn't go soft, just yields enough to become momentarily fully human. Then he snaps back to form. When two of his crew debate his judgment, he says, "I will beat you both until your heart stops." And most likely you'll believe him!" — People
"Wanted has Gary Cole and this is a good thing. I prefer Cole's deadpan comedy (he was a great Mike Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie and his role as an obsequious boss in Office Space is to be cherished). But he’s believable as always, including here as a driven cop and loving but absentee father to his son and daughter." — LA Times
"Cole is always an effective actor in just about any role." — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.com
"Gary Cole is a genuinely talented actor with a wry wit." — LA Daily News
Gary Cole leads the squad in WantedRashida Jones with Gary Cole in Wanted
Gary Cole as Conrad Rose in WantedGary Cole plays the intense lieutenant in Wanted
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