Midnight Caller
1988-1991, TV Series on NBC
Gary Cole as Jack Killian
Gary was terrific in his three seasons as Jack Killian, ex-cop turned radio talk show host in San Francisco. The show explored a range of social issues and gave Gary a chance to show off primarily his dramatic, but also his comedy skills and even his impressionist abilities in various episodes. Visit the Midnight Caller Episode Guide for more information on the show--and a look back from Gary himself!
Also starring: Wendy Kilbourne, Dennis Dun, Mykelti Williamson
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Critics' Comments

"(Cole is) the best dramatic lead actor in any new fall series." — San Francisco Chronicle
"Cole makes us believe the ennui that Killian is feeling as well as the self-indulgence that it breeds. It`s a grand performance...." — Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune
"Whatever is called for, he just nails it. He's an acting machine." — Robert Singer, Midnight Caller Executive Producer
Gary Cole as Jack Killian in Midnight CallerTeddi Siddall with Gary Cole in Midnight Caller
Mykelti Williamson with Gary Cole in Midnight CallerWendy Kilbourne and Gary Cole in Midnight Caller
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