American Gothic
1995-6 TV Series on CBS
Gary Cole as Sheriff Lucas Buck
This underrated and underpromoted series starred Gary as Sheriff Lucas Buck, who runs the town of Trinity, South Carolina....and just might be the devil himself, or his close personal friend. Gary's portrayal of the charming, evil Lucas Buck is one of his most memorable performances. Be sure to visit Virtual Trinity to learn more about this excellent show.
Also starring: Lucas Black, Brenda Bakke, Nick Searcy, Paige Turco, Jake Weber, Sarah Paulson
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Critics' Comments

"Cole plays Buck with just the right pathological gaze and, alternately, avuncular smile; he's chillingly convincing in both roles." — Ginia Bellafante, Time
"Cole is wonderfully, seductively dangerous as the evil Sheriff Lucas Buck." — Kinney Littlefield, Orange County Register
"Often Gary Cole's extraordinary performance creates humor where other actors might not convey it. As Sheriff Lucas Buck, he can ooze malevolence, but Cole is also an accomplished comedy actor. . . . Buck incorporates both humor and horror, and Cole has the ability to switch gears instantly and bring black comedy to the fore in the midst of a horrific scene." — Craig Miller, Spectrum
"It's a testament to Cole's talent that he made the scary role of Satan-incarnate sheriff Lucas Buck on the CBS shocker American Gothic funny.... And conversely, Cole made the funny role of Mike Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie scary."
Brenda Bakke with Gary Cole in American GothicLucas Black and Gary Cole in American Gothic
Jake Webber and Gary Cole and Michael Burgess in American GothicGary Cole and Paige Turco in American Gothic
Gary Cole and Nick Searcy in American GothicJohn Mese and Gary Cole in American Gothic
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