When Love Kills: The Seduction of John Hearn
1993 TV-Miniseries
Gary Cole as John Hearn
As Vietnam veteran John Hearn, Gary portrayed a dreamer always looking for a way to a better life for himself and his young son. His plans took a turn to the dark side when he met up with Debbie Bannister, who had an agenda of her own, in which John became a pawn. Gary was effective in portraying the agony of a man torn between love and his desire to do the right thing in this film based on a true story.
Also starring: Marg Helgenberger, Gregg Henry, Michael Jeter

Critics' Comments

"Cole is terrific throughout. If it were not for the emotional nuance he brings to his part, the film would falter on its less than compelling dialogue and languid direction." — Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune
"Cole's acting credentials are well-established. He can play anything with conviction, from the earnest and heroic Jack Killian of Midnight Caller to "Green Beret" killer Jeffrey MacDonald of Fatal Vision. He makes Hearn despicable and sympathetic, which isn't easy." — Ron Miller, San Jose Mercury News
"Cole is also quite good as Hearn, the reluctant, emotionally conflicted hit man, a good man gone way bad." — Mike Duffy, Detroit Free Press
Gary Cole as John Hearn in When Love KillsMarg Helgenberger and Gary Cole in When Love Kills
Gary Cole with Shirley Knight in When Love KillsGary Cole with Aaron Michael Metchik in When Love Kills
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