Those She Left Behind
1989 TV-Movie
Gary Cole as Scott Grimes
As Scott Grimes, Gary portrays the agony of a man who loses his wife in childbirth, and is left to fend for himself with a newborn daughter. Although the ending was a bit unbelievable, Gary's protrayal of the difficulties of facing parenthood alone is right on the mark.
Also starring: Joanna Kerns, Colleen Dewhurst, Mary Page Keller

Critics' Comments

"Cole (of Steppenwolf Theater and NBC`s Midnight Caller) gives a moving performance in portraying a headstrong, confused man who does not always act in the most admirable manner as he works through his grief. Showing a gentle humor in his feeble attempts to care for the ever-present Katie, Cole stays away from the facile farce that has become so popular in sitcoms and theatrical films." — Clifford Terry, Chicago Tribune
Gary Cole with Mary Page Keller in Those She Left BehindGary Cole as a widowed dad in Those She Left Behind
Gary Cole with George Coe and Colleen Dewhurst in Those She Left BehindGary Cole with Joanna Kerns in Those She Left Behind
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