The Ring Two
2005 Feature Film
Gary Cole as Martin Savide
In this sequel to the popular horror film The Ring, Gary plays Martin Savide, a smarmy real estate agent who's selling the ranch from the first movie and is clueless about its bloody past.
Also starring: Naomi Watts, Simon Baker, Sissy Spacek
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Critics' Comments

"The always fabulous, and always surprising, Gary Cole (cameos) as a cagily good-natured real estate agent." — Stephanie Zacharek, Salon
"Gary Cole is at his scene-stealing best as a real estate agent who is trying to sell a home with a fairly depressing past." — Bob Stilson, WBEN
Gary Cole as Martin in The Ring TwoGary Cole is a real estate agent in The Ring Two
Gary Cole with balloons in The Ring TwoGary Cole plays Martin Savide in The Ring Two
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