The Brady Bunch Movie
1994 Feature Film
Gary Cole as Mike Brady
Gary uncannily captured the spirit of Mike Brady in this ode to the 1970s television series. His vacuous expressions and permed wig added to his dead-on impersonation of the late Robert Reed, and he got terrific reviews in this role! This film really allowed Gary a showcase for his comedic talents.
Also starring: Shelley Long, Christine Taylor, Jennifer Elise Cox
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Critics' Comments

"But best of all is Cole -- he makes Mike Brady his own as if the role presented the challenge of interpreting a new Hamlet." — Daily Variety
"In fact, if you closed your eyes, you would swear Cole was Robert Reed reprising his role as architect Mike Brady. Cole's voice is that pitch-perfect. It's scary." — Tim Carman, Houston Post
Gary Cole and Shelley Long in The Brady Bunch MovieGary Cole clueless in The Brady Bunch Movie
Gary Cole as Mike in The Brady Bunch MovieGary Cole and Olivia Hack in The Brady Bunch Movie
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