Son of the Morning Star
1991 TV-Miniseries
Gary Cole as General George Custer
Gary portrays General George Armstrong Custer in this story told from the a slightly different viewpoint. He captures Custer's arrogance and many peculiarities while still making him a sympathetic character.
Also starring: Rosanna Arquette, Rodney Grant, Dean Stockwell, David Strathairn
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Critics' Comments

"It's hard to imagine anyone else as the brooding, monomaniacal commander of the doomed Seventh Cavalry." — TV Guide
"Cole acquits himself with class, imbuing Custer with the vainglory that was his undoing. Garbed in white buckskin, he shows a subtle ambivalence at ridding the plains of Indians. He admires them but understands that their extinction is a means to his self-aggrandizement." — Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune
Rosanna Arquette and Gary Cole in Son of the Morning StarCusters eye in Son of the Morning Star
Gary Cole as Custer in Son of the Morning StarCuster berates a soldier in Son of the Morning Star
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