One Hour Photo
2002 Feature Film
Gary Cole as Bill Owens
When Sy, a strange photodeveloper, starts crossing the line at work, his boss Bill Owens (Gary) steps in, setting off a scary spiral of events.
Also starring: Robin Williams, Connie Nielsen, Michael Vartan, Nick Searcy
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Critics' Comments

"As Sy's boss, Gary Cole scores some genuine points; he's the epitome of every by-the-book creep that retail management seems to attract. His performance should be a real kick to all those employees that Wal-Mart has kept working after they're off the clock." — Charles Taylor,
"Gary Cole stands out as a corporate-talking store manager (kind of the flip side of his Office Space character - he's got just the right quality of malleable blandness) who senses something sinister in Sy." — Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times
"Solid supporting work is provided by...the priceless Gary Cole Office Space in yet another dead-on portrayal of a store manager." —
Gary Cole as Bill Owens in One Hour Photo
Robin Williams with Gary Cole in One Hour Photo
Gary Cole as the boss in One Hour Photo
Gary Cole fed up in One Hour Photo
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