Kiss the Sky
1999 Cable Film
Gary Cole as Marty
Two successful businessmen, frustrated and bored with their lives, decide to seek new meaning by journeying to the Philippines. There they become involved with a young woman who changes their outlook on life, and the repercussions of that relationship sends them each in a new, unexpected direction.
Also starring: William Petersen, Sheryl Lee, Terence Stamp
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Critics' Comments

"William Petersen and Gary Cole -- two superb, theater-trained actors who rarely get to play film roles with this much depth -- play Jeff and Marty.... Cole, playing a more vulnerable, inward soul, makes even his character's ambivalence highly attractive." — Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter
Gary Cole as Marty in Kiss the SkyWilliam Petersen and Gary Cole in Kiss the Sky
Sheryl Lee with Gary Cole in Kiss the SkyWilliam Petersen hugs Gary Cole in Kiss the Sky
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