I'll Be Home for Christmas
1998 Feature Film
Gary Cole as Mr. Wilkinson
A spoiled rich kid (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) has to hitchhike crosscountry--wearing a Santa Claus suit--to get a Porsche his father promised him for Christmas. Meanwhile, his girlfriend may be seeing another guy. Gary plays the coddling dad in this comedy from Arlene Sanford, director of A Very Brady Sequel.
Also starring: Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jessica Biel, Andy Lauer, Eve Gordon
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Critics' Comments

"(The film) doesn't even know what to do with an actor as versatile as Cole (who played Brady Bunch dad Mike Brady so superbly for this director).... Any filmmaker who doesn't know how to use Cole deserves a lump of coal in the ol' stocking." — Mark Dawidziak, Akron Beacon Journal
Gary Cole as Jakes Dad in Ill Be Home for Christmas
Gary Cole
Jonathan Taylor Thomas with Gary Cole in Ill Be Home for Christmas
Gary Cole with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Biel and others in Ill Be Home for Christmas
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