Fatal Vision
1984 TV-Movie
Gary Cole as Captain Jeffrey McDonald
This was Gary's breakthrough role, in which he played Capt. Jeffrey McDonald, the army doctor accused of killing his wife and children. A relative unknown when cast, he plays the leading role in this excellent film and managed to be both sympathetic and chilling at the same time. It's the first of many roles in which he makes an incredibly arrogant character sympathetic.
Also starring: Karl Malden, Eva Marie Saint, Andy Griffith
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Critics' Comments

"He gave me goose bumps. I don't think anybody expected him to do such a stunning job." — Joe McGinnis, author of Fatal Vision
"His walk, his talk, his mannerisms--there's such perfection, it's eerie." — Freddy Kassab, father-in-law of Jeffrey MacDonald
Gary Cole with Brandy Gold and Dylan Galer in Fatal VisionGary Cole featured in Fatal Vision
Karl Malden and Gary Cole in Fatal VisionGary Cole and Karl Malden in Fatal Vision
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