A Very Brady Sequel
1996 Feature Film
Gary Cole as Mike Brady
Gary reprised his role as Mike Brady, the father who never runs out of pithy advice in this sequel to The Brady Bunch Movie. Mike is a bit more flustered this time around, but Gary is still eerily accurate in his impression of Robert Reed. He also makes a brief cameo in the Hawaii sequence looking a bit more like himself.
Also starring: Shelley Long, Tim Matheson, Christine Taylor
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Critics' Comments

"There are... several hilarious moments provided by the four stars who stole the first film: Gary Cole showing surprising comic skill with his eerily perfect take on Mike Brady..." — Mark Dawidziak, Akron Beacon Journal
"Finally somebody realized the gem they had in casting Gary Cole as the Brady patriarch and gave him center stage. He may look a little different from TV's Mike Brady, but that's the only difference. Cole inhabits the essence of Robert Reed, from the voice to the mannerisms, doing the famous Mike Brady double-take and doling out long, wandering bits of advice. Everything was so right-on that tears welled up in my eyes." — Susan Rathke, Film.com
Gary Cole as Mike in A Very Brady SequelThe Very Brady Sequel family
Paul Sutera and Gary Cole in A Very Brady SequelGary Cole and Shelley Long in A Very Brady Sequel
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