A Simple Plan
1998 Feature Film
Gary Cole as Agent Baxter
When two brothers find a large stash of money in the wreckage of a plane, they decide upon what they think is a simple plan that will allow them to keep the money for themselves. Then Agent Baxter (Gary) shows up to investigate, and the brothers' plan starts to spin out of control. This film is directed by American Gothic executive producer Sam Raimi.
Also starring: Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton, Bridget Fonda
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Critics' Comments

"Gary Cole, whose career includes both Jeffrey MacDonald in the TV adaptation of Fatal Vision and the patriarch of the revived big-screen Brady clan, combines the two to chilling effect in his FBI Agent Baxter." — Eddie Cockrell, Nitrate Online
"Boosting the supporting cast is a subtly menacing Gary Cole, who may be an FBI agent or someone more sinister." — Mark Caro, Chicago Tribune
Gary Cole as Agent Baxter in A Simple Plan
Gary Cole gets the point in A Simple Plan
Bill Paxton with Gary Cole in A Simple Plan
Gary Cole in the snow in A Simple Plan
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