Shaun Cassidy

Shaun Cassidy (yes, that Shaun Cassidy) is the creator of our little town and all its inhabitants. But that's not as surprising as it may sound. Even when he was playing Joe Hardy in the 1970s television series, he was much more interested in what was going on behind the camera rather than in front of it. In addition to acting, Shaun has also written a couple of television movies and developed the Edward Woodward series "Over My Dead Body." He has long been interested in the duality of nature and the duality of people--a theme which "American Gothic" explores fully.

So, forget those preconceived notions about the innocent-looking former pop idol, and recognize him for the creative genius he is--after all, in Trinity, Shaun Cassidy is god.

Since American Gothic aired, Shaun has developed a new series, Roar, which takes place in Celtic Ireland.

In July, 1997, Shaun Cassidy was the featured guest at an online chat to promote his new series, Roar. Here are a few quotes of interest to American Gothic fans:

Question: So, how proud were you to see Lucas Black, whom you basically discovered (Caleb in AmGothic), do so well in a movie like Sling Blade?
Shaun Cassidy: "Thrilled. He shot that film right after the AG pilot. He said it was "just this little movie." Who knew???"

Question: Your production values are always so high. Do you have to fight to keep that way?
Shaun Cassidy: "Fight, fight, fight to spend, spend, spend..."

Question: Are you enjoying this show as much as American Gothic?
Shaun Cassidy: "Different experience. On Gothic, I was primarily responsible for scripts. Here, I have to oversee a lot of production and deal with the network, and Australia, etc. There is a lot more work, but Ron and Michael, and our staff are all great, and we tag team, which helps..."

Question: Is American Gothic ever coming back?
Shaun Cassidy: "You never know. There has been a great deal of interest.... Other networks, Movie of the Week ideas, and even a possible feature... One of the reasons is because of all the heat on the net, so thanks. We see it, and we appreciate it."

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