Here's a list of a few of our more famous visitors (guest stars), and in which episodes you might have had a chance to run in to them.

American Gothic (Pilot)

Lynda Clark as Rita Barber
Michael Burgess as Dan Trulane
Margo Moorer as Danielle Davenport
Troy Simmons as Josh Davenport
Lucius Houghton as Deputy Cammalous
Tammy Arnold as Caleb's Mother
McKenzie LaCoss as 6 year old Merlyn
Leonard Watkins as Blind Man
Tamara Dow as Nurse Wendy
Sonny Shroyer as Gage Temple

A Tree Grows in Trinity

David Lenthall as Dr. Curtis Z. Webb
Gina Stewart as Teapot
Mert Hatfield as The Reverend
Sean Bridgers as Deputy #1
Charles McLawhorn as Albert
Dale Wright as Nurse
Charly Williams as Taylor
Ralph Brownewell as Orderly #1

Arnold Vosloo as Rafael Santo

Ron Perkins as Harlan Jeeters

Eye of the Beholder

(This episode also introduces semi-regular Tina Lifford.)

Bob Hannah as Judge Halpern
Rick Warner as Heywood Anderson
Chris Fennell as Boone MacKenzie
Grenoldo Frazier as Rev. Logan
Barry Bell as Gordy Willis
Evan Rachael Wood as Rose Russell
Maria Howell as Choir Soloist

N'Bushe Wright as Cheryl Trulane

Michael Burgess as Daniel Trulane

Damned if You Do

Barnaby Carpenter as TJ
Chris Fennell as Boone
Troy Simmons as Josh
John Henry Scott as Janmer
Donald S. Bland as Cooper
Juliet Cesario as Gail's Mother
Jana Drue as Young Gail

Muse Watson as Wash Sutpen

Brigid Walsh as Poppy Bowen

Steve Rankin as Carter Bowen

Judy Simpson Cook as Etta Bowen

Dead to the World

Linda Pierce as Mrs. Gallagher

Melissa McBride as Holly Gallagher

John Shearin as Waylon Flood

Helen Baldwin as Barbara Joy Flood
Rachel Seidman-Lockamy as Charlotte
Troy Simmons as Josh
Barnaby Carpenter as TJ
Alex Van as Jailer
Scott Schumacher as Diver
Debbie Yates as Louellen

Lee Norris as Benji Healy

Chris Fennell as Boone MacKenzie

Potato Boy

Trip Cogburn as the Potato Boy
Zander Heinen as the Potato Boy's Voice
Sara Lynn Moore as Mrs. Russell
Chris Fennell as Boone MacKenzie
Evan Rachael Wood as Rose Russell
John Bennes as Rev. Coombs

Meet the Beetles

Bruce Campbell as Inspector Drey

Keith Flippen as Ossie Spichtig

Mark Joy as Coach Fred Bender

Selden Smith as Lyda Constantine
Alex Van as Deputy Floyd
Derin Altay as Betty Weller

David Lenthall as Dr. Curtis Z. Webb

Chris Fennell as Boone MacKenzie

Strong Arm of the Law

Chris Fennell as Boone
Dean Whitworth as Cecil Perkins
Aubrey Dollar as Janice
Mert Hatfield as Minister
Sara Lynn Moore as Carol
Brian Fong as Paramedic
Maggie Klekas as Mourner #1
Sara Audrey Keeley as Mourner #2

Matt Craven as Barrett Stokes

Joseph Lindsey as Earl McKeever

Jim Gloster as Just Eddie

Richard Edson as Lowell Stokes

To Hell and Back

Chris Fennell as Boone
Michael Burgess as Dan Trulane
Evan Rachael Wood as Rose Russell
Robert Treveiler as Chester Langston
Megan Gallacher as Claire Crower
Laura Robbins as Doreen Langston
Charles McLawhorn as George
Michael Genevie as Dr. Portis Fields
Charlotte Hackman as Hannah
Charles Lucas as Bluesman
Erica Nashau as Nurse #1
Lanelle Rose as Nurse #2
Carlene Moore as Waitress
Lou Criscuolo as Cop #1
Mick McGovern as Cop #2

W. Morgan Sheppard as Mr. Emmett

Andi Carnick as Lily Crower

The Beast Within

Lynda Clark as Rita
Rick Forrester as Salesman
Henry Laurence as Elderly Man
General Fermon Judd, Jr. as Fireman
Jeff Perry as Artie


Sara Lynn Moore as Mrs. Russell
Chris Blackwelder as Young Man
Kelly Mizell as Young Woman
Deborah K. Winstead as Nurse #1
Lanelle Markgraf as Nurse #2
Michael Mattison as Dead Head
Randell Haynes as Sourpuss

Danny Masterson as Ray

Amy Steel as Christie

Ring of Fire

Sandi Fix as Christine Emory (1975)
John Keenan as Peter Emory (1975)

Collin Wilcox Paxton as Mrs. Gardner

Sonny Shroyer as Gage Temple


Chris Fennell as Boone
Lynda Clark as Rita
Philip Loch as Lance Biggs
Andrea Powell as Jean Biggs
Craig Edwards as Technician

Greg Travis as Mel Kirby

Irene Ziegler as Gloria Kirby


Ruth Reid as Barbara Hudson
Wayne DeHart as Bertie
Yvonne Graetzer as Female Realtor
Brandlyn Whitaker as Sue Ellen Hudson
Peter Townes as Frenchman

Pat Hingle as Father Tilden

Tim Grimm as Brian Hudson

Plague Sower

Michael Harding as A.E. Tippett
Robin Mullins as Nurse Eichfreund
Patt Noday as Reporter
Margo Moorer as Danielle
Amy Dawn Anderson as Nurse
Joe Maggard as Townsperson #1
Haley Salyer as Woman
Dolly Grissom-Hardin as Young Woman
Gene Dann as Man
C.K. Bibby as Townsperson 2
John Henry Scott as Husband
Kay Joyner as Wife

Dr. Death Takes a Holiday

Will Leskin as Judge Streeter
Tamara Burnham as Charlotte Streeter
Nancy Saunders as Brenda
Amy Parrish as Nurse Sarah
Tyrone Hicks as Jojo
Henry Laurence as Elderly Man
Bill Roberson as Carl
Veronica Cartwright as Angela

Learning to Crawl

Alex Van as Floyd
Stuart Greer as Cody Parker
Regan Forman as Jeri McIntyre
Wallace Merck as Rolston
Amy Dawn Anderson as Nurse
Ted Raimi as Half-Ted

Echo of Your Last Goodbye

Alex Van as Floyd
Robin Mullins as Nurse
Julia Deane Howard as Cindy
D.L. Anderson as Allison
Tammy Arnold as Judith Temple
Janet Paparazzo as Judith Stunt Double
Tanya Rollins as Tina

Chris Fennell as Boone


Alex Van as Floyd
Gareth Williams as Albert DeSalvo


Robin Mullins as Nurse Stacie
Deacon Dawson as Pilot
Amy Dawn Anderson as Nurse
Russell Deats as Little Luke
James Frawley as Bartender

The Buck Stops Here

Lynda Clark as Rita
Alex Van as Floyd
Dani Miller as Nurse
Lee Freeman as Doris Lydon
Dean Whitworth as Cecil Spurgeon
John Shearin as Waylon Flood
Wayne DeHart as Old Bertie

Jim Antonio as Dr. Leslie Narone

Brent Jennings as Yancy Lydon


Lynda Clark as Rita
Alex Van as Floyd
Lindley Mayer as Ashley Narone
Don Henderson Baker as Grave Digger
Len Hathaway as Elderly Man
Diana Taylor as Businesswoman
Mary McMillan as Wealthy Woman
Jim Antonio as Dr. Leslie Narone

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