American Gothic


Sheriff Lucas Buck
Caleb Temple
Merlyn Temple
Gail Emory
Dr. Matt Crower
Selena Coombs
Ben Healy
Loris Holt
Dr. Billy Peele

Merlyn ("Merly") Temple

Caleb's sister, Merlyn is a spirit/angel and a guide to help keep Caleb on the straight and narrow. She was present, about 5 years old, at her mother's rape and became emotionally disturbed. On Caleb's tenth birthday, she had a "spell" saying "Someone's at the door" (she had answered the door with that phrase during the rape) over and over again until her father, Gage, who was also demented since his wife's death, came after her with a shovel. The sheriff arrived, and finding Merlyn still alive, he "put her out of her misery" by breaking her neck. Her father was accused of the killing and Lucas convinced him to kill himself in the jail, leaving Caleb with no known family. Merlyn usually has been visible only to Caleb and no one knew he was in contact with her until she "borrowed" the life of an unborn infant and came to life briefly in the episode "Rebirth." Merlyn is sometimes a bit vindictive, and still has not mastered the subtleties of being an angel, but she's trying. Merly is played by Sarah Paulson.

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