American Gothic


Sheriff Lucas Buck
Caleb Temple
Merlyn Temple
Gail Emory
Dr. Matt Crower
Selena Coombs
Ben Healy
Loris Holt
Dr. Billy Peele

Lucas Buck

Lucas Buck is the sheriff of Trinity. Some think he is quite possibly the devil, although he occasionally does punish (in very inventive ways) people who are doing wrong (usually to him), so it's hard to say--more likely a fallen angel. He is possessed of strong psychic abilities and can appear when and where you least expect. Lucas hates not being in control. He sometimes seems to be pure evil, but has a certain seductive charm and an amazing ability with the turn of a phrase. He helps out many people in his town, but always expects that debt to be repaid. Check out one of his special abilities here. Lucas is played by Gary Cole.

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