American Gothic


Sheriff Lucas Buck
Caleb Temple
Merlyn Temple
Gail Emory
Dr. Matt Crower
Selena Coombs
Ben Healy
Loris Holt
Dr. Billy Peele

Gail Emory

Gail is Caleb and Merlyn's cousin they never knew existed--she's a reporter from the city. Her parents were editors of the Trinity paper, where they died locked in the building in a fire in 1976, the day Lucas Buck was elected sheriff. She was sent away to foster homes and has just returned to Trinity to find out more about their deaths. She does know Lucas found the bodies--she suspects he may have been the cause of their deaths. She may have had a relationship with Lucas in a past life; he was startled by her initial appearance, and she feels an undeniable attraction to him, as he does to her. Paige Turco brings Gail to life.

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