American Gothic


Sheriff Lucas Buck
Caleb Temple
Merlyn Temple
Gail Emory
Dr. Matt Crower
Selena Coombs
Ben Healy
Loris Holt
Dr. Billy Peele

Caleb Temple

Caleb is Lucas's son. He was conceived when Lucas raped his mother, a woman "some might call a saint." Caleb has not wanted to believe that Lucas is his father, but is slowly beginning to accept it. He didn't find out about Lucas until his tenth birthday (the day the show began). Caleb is a good kid, and tries valiantly to resist Lucas's persuasive charms. Legally an orphan, he is in the custody of the boarding house owner, Loris Holt, much to Lucas's chagrin. Lucas Black, a wonderful young actor, portrays Caleb.

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