American Gothic


Sheriff Lucas Buck
Caleb Temple
Merlyn Temple
Gail Emory
Dr. Matt Crower
Selena Coombs
Ben Healy
Loris Holt
Dr. Billy Peele

Ben Healy

Ben is Lucas's deputy. He knows more than he lets on about Lucas's actions, and through the window, he saw Lucas kill Merlyn, but has never told anyone. He wants to do the right thing, but he is so indebted to Lucas for various reasons that he can't get out from under his thumb. Divorced, he is the non-custodial parent of a young son near Caleb's age. Ben likes to relieve his stress playing pool at the local beer hall. His conscience makes his life miserable, but every once in a while summons the courage to do the right thing. Nick Searcy plays Ben.

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