The Virtual Trinity Decorating Center
Don't want to leave our little town?  Well, stop here at the local decorating center and pick up a wallpaper for your computer.  It comes in both 800X600 and 640x480 sizes, and you can get it zipped (faster downloads) or unzipped (slower, but you'll need an unzip program, such as Winzip or PKware's PKunzip, to unzip the zipped files).  Note:  The 640x480 will also work with the higher resolution screens, it just will leave a rim around the edge.

Choose your download here: 
800x600, unzipped, about 921K 
800x600, zipped, about 495K 

640x480, unzipped, about 1.4M 
640x480, zipped, about 738K 
To change your wallpaper, in a Win95 system, first save the .bmp file to your Windows directory.  Then choose My Computer>Control Panel>Display>Background>Browse, and choose the name of the file you saved (either "ag640w.bmp" or "ag800w.bmp").  Click OK, then click "center" rather than "tile," and click OK again.  You're done! 

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